Radar devices and speed measurement

The Stacks Stick cannot (accurately) measure club head speed on its own and there are many things to consider. The claim of Stacks is to measure the club head speed very accurately with some help. That’s why radar-based measuring devices are used and adjusted accordingly via the Stack app. Stacks uses a special algorithm that excludes system-based errors and very accurately indicates the actual driver club head speed. The result is the so-called eSpeed and the distance potential. This indicates your current potential and directs the training accordingly. We have measured the stack system with the GCQuad and actual drivers. The eSpeed is extremely accurate.

Radar measuring devices that are currently compatible

Brand Description
PRGR Black Pocket, Red Pocket
Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar
FlightScope Mevo+, X2, X2 Elite, X3, Xi Tour
Garmin G80
Swing Caddie SC200 Plus
Yupiteru GST-5, GST-7 BLE
Sport Sensors Swing Speed Radar (SSR)

Flightscope added Swing Training Mode to the Mevo+ through the FS Golf App for iOS/Android.  You will need FS Golf App version 4.0.0 or newer.  To use the Mevo+ with TheStack App, you will need two separate devices (example: iPad to run the Mevo+ and iPhone to run TheStack App, or Android phone for FS Golf App and iPad for TheStack App).