Individual Weight Settings

5 weights for 30 different combinations to give you the exact requirements for your workout

One instead of Three

Only one stick so you don't have to carry too many around

Anywhere You Go

Pocket for weights that can also be used as a mobile phone holder

The Software

Individual Speed Training based on the Research of Dr. Sasho MacKenzie

Why TheStack App?

  • Dynamic and individual speed training developed by Dr. Sasho MacKenzie
  • Precise preset reps, sets and rests via the app
  • Speed calculation to track your progress
  • Voice control of the app so you can concentrate on your workout
  • A single user licence is included with the purchase of TheStack. Up to five people can be tracked and trained with this license.
  • 2 years licence of the iOS App included

Big Speed Gains within weeks

Most players achieve 5-12mph of clubhead speed gains after the foundation training phase.

Why Speed Training?

Simple: Because every metre of extra length usually promises a better score. It is all about controlled club head speed. You train this above all with a system like TheStack. Say goodbye to the common misconception that precision is everything. This has now been disproved and proven by the thousands of data from “Strokes Gained Statistics”. For every metre you hit further, you are allowed 0.5m more spread. This means that you are better off hitting 20m further – despite 10m more spread. So if you hit 200m each time to the exact centre of the fairway, you can have 5m spread to the right and left with a 220m drive.

As a rule, the extra length you gain with speed training doesn’t bring nearly that much spread. That’s because with TheStack you learn to master that speed and get more control in your drives.

Why TheStack?

Yes, there are many so-called “speed sticks”. But only TheStack enables individualised training programmes that are tailored exactly to you and your training condition and are regularly adapted to your progress. These training programmes were not developed by just anyone, but by Dr Sasho MacKenzie. Sasho is the leading expert on biomechanics in golf. He works with the world’s best coaches, tour players and long drivers. Using his scientific knowledge and experience, he has developed TheStack training programmes. The great value of TheStack lies in the app.

And as a nice side effect, TheStack is very variable and allows up to 30 weight combinations with only one stick. Not only 3 weight combinations with 3 sticks…