Coaches Program with TheStack

At, we believe that training with TheStack is beneficial for truly every type of player. Gaining distance is one thing, better control over the swing is another - one of many benefits of TheStack's various training options. Every player can work specifically on their weaknesses and be confident that, thanks to the app's artificial intelligence, the training is really being controlled and optimized in the best possible way.

As a PGA Teaching Professional we would like to support you in offering your students these possibilities. That's why every Teaching Professional gets access to our special Coaches Program. This includes 10% discount on TheStack hardware and 50% discount on the Coaches license of the app in the first year. You can also hand over the discount on TheStack to your students if they want to have their own Stack.

We recommend every Teaching Professional get a Stack with the matching Coaches license. This allows you to show your students TheStack training in sessions and let them train on their own if needed. Countless coaches in the USA are already doing this and the success of their students speaks for itself.

Why should students train with TheStack?

  • Strokes Gained through longer drives now scientifically proven
  • Given speed can be achieved with less effort, i.e. more control
  • Improvement of coordination
  • Targeted training of weaknesses via the app through special programs

Our exclusive offer for certified coaches:

  • 10% discount on any TheStack hardware order. The discount can either be given directly to your own students with a code or resale of TheStack to students or in the club
  • 50% discount on the Coaches license in the first year

How to use TheStack as a coach:

  • Group training sessions without limit with TheStack so that students can train with it on their own or during training
  • Rent it out to students for a fee as an additional source of revenue

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You are not a coach, but you want your coach to offer TheStack for you to train with or at a discount? Then share this page with your coach!